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Spiral Duct & Fittings

With over 95,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space, our ability to produce spiral and oval pipe and fittings in second to none.

Full fittings, loose taps and factory installed taps, are available in flanged and slip-fit connections with our spiral pipe.

Flanged connections are available for in the field savings and can be made by using angle rings,
Spiralmate™ by Ductmate and AccuFlange™ by AccuDuct which can be factory installed or supplied loose for field installation

Additional accessories such as floorsweeps, volume dampers, insulation stops, bellmouth take-offs, access doors, blastgates and spin-in collars are also available.

SSei conforms with industry standards for operating pressures within the following gauges:

  • Spiral Duct Fittings
  • Galvanized 28 GA – 16 GA
  • Galvaneal ( Paint-Grip) 28 GA – 16 GA
  • Stainless Steel 26 GA – 16 GA
  • Aluminum .32 – .60

Double Wall Insulated Spiral
SSei has a complete line of Double Wall pipe and fittings.
Each piece is fabricated with an inner metal liner (either perforated or solid) surrounded by insulation from 1”-4” thick and covered by a solid metal outer shell, with an option Mylar layer.Concentricity of liner to outer shell is maintained by mechanical means on all fittings and pipe with more than 1″ of insulation.

The inner liner is available in either perforated or solid metal. Perforations are 3/32 inch diameter with an overall open area of 23%.

Inner liners are 24 gauge for 3″ through 36″ round and 22 gauge for 38″ through 58″ round.

Internal insulation with perforated inner wall material can reduce radiated noise by 25 dB or more.
Our standard 1-inch insulation has a thermal conductance of 0.27 Btu/hr x sq. ft. x degree Fahrenheit.
Where fiber erosion is of special concern, Mylar can be applied to the perforated sheet metal liner.

Our sales staff are available to provide you with a quotation per your material list, shop drawing, or blueprints.

Contact us if you are interested in a quote for Spiral ductwork